The Popularity of the Whizzinator and Its Use with Synthetic Urine


The discovery of synthetic urine has created a new world of science after it emerged that inorganic compounds could indeed create organic compounds. This discovery disapproved a theory before it known as vitalism and created a whole new world that utilizes urine therapy.

For a long time, urine has been considered human waste. However, this is not true, there are many uses of urine which has perhaps led to the creation of the Whizzinator.  The whizzinator is an artificial dummy for the reproductive organs which can be put on as a real one. There are both female and male whizzinators available in the market today. .

Despite their wide use as gadgets to help people store synthetic urine and pass dug tests. They have a number of other beneficial uses. One of their most key functions is that they are used in the adult diaper industry. Their main use is to ensure that the diapers are highly absorbent materials that can be used for longer periods of time.

Additionally, people with defective reproductive organs can also use them to correct minor problems. Such problems could include loose bladder that makes one pass urine frequently. It can also control frequent wetting of self-due to problems with reproductive organs and they can also serve as reproductive organs.

The whizzinator is not detectable and is also comfortable to the wear since it have been selected and modeled to be compatible and less sensitive to the reproductive organs. This is why they are widely used today to hide synthetic urine and pass it as ones own.

Additionally, they have a wide use in sexual therapy. They are widely used by sexual therapist to stimulate sexual urges and bring a spark of life to a once boring and deflated sex life. Touching the whizzinator also has been shown to stimulate sexual desire as well as encourage their use in the bedroom.

There are claims that synthetic urine also has anti-cancer properties thus it’s used as a test drug on various cancer patients. This is however not surprising given that some cultures take their urine and consume it for medical purposes or as a form of alternative medicine. The urine is also massaged into to the skin as therapy since it contains organic compounds that are beneficial for the skin as well as the body. Purchase Whizzinator for sale here!


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