Learn About the Whizzinator


The whizzinator is an instrument used in the laboratory to facilitate urine tests. A whizzinator is sometimes advertised as a wet sex simulator. This can be very confusing advertising as that is not the purposed use for this instrument. The instrument is purposed to simulate male urination as a safer alternative to using real urine for sexual fetish activity. The instrument is developed in several varying colors. The colors comprise of black, white, brown and tan and comes complete with everything you will need including synthetic urine.

The whizzinator is one of those products that poses a lot of difficulties when asking advice from other people about it. It is too hard to approach someone on how this kit is used. Just imagine the shame of encountering someone with the question about the use of this kit! There is a lot of bad information in the public domain about the kit. This is why it is an important idea for this article to inform you about the facts regarding this product and its usage.

The whizzinator prosthetic is made from special effects synthetic material. It has been designed specially to ease the use of it. It has been developed to be user-friendly as much as possible. This means that it has no side effects to the user.  To use the whizzinator kit, the user only applies pressure to the head of the fake male organ with a thumb and index finger. This action triggers the flow of the synthetic urine immediately. Releasing pressure stops the urine flow abruptly.  It is so bad to hear that some people use this kit to falsify the law to pass drug urine test, don’t engage in such unlawful activities because it might badly impact on you.

The kit is developed in a way to fit all the people. It has an elastic waistband that can accommodate users of different sizes.  Anyone can use it. You have to include the warming pads in the urine.  The warming pads are used so that it can help to keep the synthetic urine at human temperature. You have to make wise choices, don’t continue having false information about the use of this kit


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